Electric Water Heater Maintenance

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Electric hot water heater are really simple to maintain. A minimum of two times a year, have a look at your own. Make use of the list provided listed below to cover the basics:

Take a look at the supplier’s plate and record the age and capacity. The date of manufacture is generally located in the very first 4 digits of the serial number. The capacity should be detailed on home plate. Electric water heaters normally have an expected life of 10-15 years.

Starting on top and working toward all-time low, do you see any leakages, corrosion, or corrosion?Electric Water Heater Maintenance Jacksonville

Situate the cold water supply line and validate a non-leaking shut-off shutoff.

Confirm the cold water supply line goes into the water heater at the factor labeled ‘Cold’.

Find the warm water supply line exiting at the point marked ‘Hot’. Try running hot water at the closest faucet and inspect the temperature by feeling the pipe.

Confirm the Temperature Pressure Relief Valve is connected to an extension pipe that goes down to within 6 inches of the floor.

Locate both panel covers at the front center and lower locations of the heater. Get rid of both panels, using care not to touch electric wires, and validate temperature level change. It should be between 120-125 levels Fahrenheit. More than 130 F boosts risk of scalding.

With the panels off, keep in mind the outside problem of the burner. Rusty? These can be easily replaced. Note: you must shut off the electrical power to the system and drain the container prior to doing so. Replace panels.

Inspect the drain shutoff at the bottom of the tank. Check for dripping. Keep in mind to open valve and drain any sediment accumulation at least yearly. You could need a hose extension to the floor drain or tube and pump to the exterior. A word of caution: never ever drain more than a gallon while the electrical power is on to the system. Never ever turn on unit until tank contains water. When draining, continue the procedure till water is clear.

Validate a drain pan is positioned under the storage tank, specifically if on or over the floor of living market. This will certainly permit a forewarning needs to your tank create a leak.

One last note. Remember your electric water heater is wired in collection. This indicates if your top heating element is worn out, you will have no warm water. If the lower element has fallen short, you may have warm water. Constantly shut off the power to the system when eliminating or changing elements.

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